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Fabergé Hong Kong Exhibition, Fabergé, 19.03.2013


Some of the most celebrated Fabergé Imperial Eggs will be exhibited at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, in Hong Kong, from 6th February 2013 to 29th April 2013.

The exhibition, “Fabergé: Legacy of Imperial Russia”,  will be divided into three sections - the "History of Fabergé", "A Glimpse of Imperial Russia" and "Representation of Beauty". The first segment will introduce Fabergé and his renowned jewellery empire. The second will introduce the close relationship between Fabergé and the Romanov dynasty and includes four of the iconic Fabergé Imperial Eggs, along with other decorative objects created for the Imperial Family, the Russian Imperial Court as well as official gifts to foreign visitors. The third section will focus on ecclesiastical objects, silverware and jewellery.

One of the unarguable highlights of the exhibition is the Fabergé Imperial Eggs.  However the eggs are accompanied by many other rare and exceptional artworks and jewels in a variety of precious metals and stones that bear witness to the fine craftsmanship of the former Russian Empire, while also offering visitors a chance to learn more about the illustrious history of the House of Fabergé. Over 200 pieces will be on display, on loan from the collections of the Moscow Kremlin Museums and the Fersman Mineralogical Museum of Russia.

Fabergé today continues the legacy of creating the most extraordinary jewelled treasures offering contemporary High & Fine Jewellery collections.

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