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Amazing Hong Kong Project Presented at Forum in Davos

Managing partner of Finjecto – Russia – Hong Kong Business Association’s member – Olga Bereslavskaya presented Amazing Hong Kong project at the V World Communication Forum in Davos. The major international event in the sphere of communications – the WCF-Davos – was held in Davos, Switzerland on March 11-12, 2014. Amazing Hong Kong project, the winner of the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide Success Story Award in 2013, was presented as the showcase of a successful promotion of cities and territories via social networks.

In debates and panel discussions at the WCF-Davos took place Paul Holmes, founder and CEO of SABRE Awards and The Holmes Report, Isaac Mao, venture capitalist, social media researcher, co-founder of Social Brain Foundation, Maxim Behar, CEO & Board Chairman of M3 Communications Group, Chairman of the Board of World Communications Forum in Davos, Scott Fahlman, professor of Carnegie Mellon University, father of the first smiley emoticon.

WCF-Davos is aimed to unite trend-makers and influencers from the communications elite and provide a platform for discussion focused on the future development of communications, their role in business, society, and politics, to provoke in-depth analysis of the form and content of interaction between business professionals, the media, and society, on the one hand, and the state, on the other. What all communicators need today is a global network for distributing best practices in crisis, change or reputation management, as well as useful strategies in investor relations, employee motivation, government lobbying, etc. Equally necessary is to foresee the upcoming communication trends and secure a successful method for analyzing problems, finding solutions and offering best tools to serve top managers in their decision-making or daily professional tasks and, through the exchange of ideas and opinions, help them improve their own corporate and social efficiency.

XXI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held on June 1-3, 2017 in Saint Petersburg. This year, the Forum will convene under the theme "Achieving a New Balance on the Global Stage".

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