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"Artisia Limited" is a New Member of the Russia-Hong Kong Business Association

The Russia-Hong Kong Business Association welcomes new member – "Artisia Limited" non-profit organisation, registered in Hong Kong in January, 2014.


The main organisation's activities include the assistance in promotion of Russian culture and arts in Hong Kong and Macau, in order to facilitate the development and strengthening of creative contacts; organisation of exhibitions, concerts, festivals and other cultural, educational and entertainment events and programs aimed at the region's cultural life enrichment; contribution to education of wide audience in the sphere of arts, culture and design; creation of sustainable platform and submission of broad options for creative self-expression and demonstration of creative potential of artists and performers from Russia and Asia; promotion of cultural exchange expansion and strenthening

between Russia and Asia, in particular Hong Kong and Macao; involvement of art students as volunteers and interns.


"Artisia Limited"'s core project is annual Russian arts and culture festival in Hong Kong and Macao "From Russia with Art". A host of renowned Russia and Asia based performers and artists will bring to Hong Kong and Macau a wonderful spirit of Russia through demonstrations of music, dance, visual arts and fashion. The festival will also encompass other aspects of Russian culture, such as handicrafts, folklore, and gastronomy. From Russia with Art provides an occasion to celebrate the wealth of the Russian artistic and cultural heritage, and contributes to reinforcing the reputation of Hong Kong and Macau as international cultural hubs.



XXI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held on June 1-3, 2017 in Saint Petersburg. This year, the Forum will convene under the theme "Achieving a New Balance on the Global Stage".

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