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"Russia Hong Kong: Investments in Future" Round Table

On September, 19, 2012 the "Ricom-Trust" Investment Company and its Chinese partner Haitong International Securities organize "Russia - Hong Kong Investments in the Future" round table. The event will be held in the RIA Novosti conference-hall at Zubovsky Boulevard, 4. The event starts at 6 pm (Accreditation/registration starts at 5.30pm).


The round table is aimed at discussing the vectors of co-operation at the most perspective stock market in the world - Hong Kong market, to find the most convenient approach for private and institutional investors, to expand the range of useful business contacts. The main topics of the round table will be: The rule of Hong Kong in the global economy;

Hong Kong market inside view; Conditions of trading for private and institutional investors.


Event programme


18.00 -18.10

The official opening of round table. Opening Remarks by Elena V. Trofimova – CEO of The International center for development of innovation, President of asset management company Ricom-Trust.

18.10 – 18.30

Mr. Lin - Deputy Chairman, Group Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer “Haitong International”

Dr. Yifan Hu – Managing Director, Head of Research and Chief Economist “Explore opportunities and foster synergies. Russia – China”

18.30 – 18.45

Mariya Harlashkina – Moscow Exchange. “Russian Stock Exchange: reloading”

18.45 – 19.00

Oleg A. Abelev - The head of analytic department. Ricom-Trust «The Hong Kong prospects in the global economy».

19.00 – 19.30


19.30 – 19.50

Leonid Orlov – Chief of representative office of "InvestHong Kong" in Russia.

19.50 – 20.00

Rimma Subhankulova – Finansial Analytic. “IPO on Honh Kong Exchange”


End of formal programme for the day.  Fourchette. Ticket’s Raffle to Hong Kong (Sponsored by The Cathay Pacific company).



Additional information, registration of participants and media accreditaion:


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