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Russian Delegation Participates in the Asian Financial Forum

Russia – Hong Kong Business Association’s dignified delegation is taking part in the Fifth Asian Financial Forum “Asia: Driving Sustainable Growth”, which is held on January 16-17, 2012 in Hong Kong.


“The world must harness the potential of the whole region under a new and more deeply connected model to achieve sustainable growth”, - said at the Forum’s opening session the Hong Kong SAR Government Chief Executive Mr Donald Tsang. - "This model is already taking shape. In the past year or so, we have seen deeper financial connectivity, deeper business connectivity and closer government-to-government links. These growing regional exchanges are positive signs for sustainable growth through engagement, understanding and collaboration." Noting the challenges presented to the global economy, Mr Tsang said that Asia is well placed to drive sustainable growth on at least two distinct levels. First, a sound economic environment in Asia can help to cushion the effect of downside risks in other parts of the world. Second, Asia can provide a springboard for sustainable global growth.


The two-day financial summit’s programme features “Investment opportunities in Russia and the CIS countries” workshop with participation of Russian and international business communities representatives.


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Asian Financial Forum is recognized world site to meet the most eminent representatives of financial and business communities and to discuss the trends and directions of development of fast-growing markets. The Forum is co-organized by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and Hong Kong Trade Development Center.

Some 2,000 finance, business and government leaders from around the world are taking part in the 5th Asian Financial Forum, which programme spotlights opportunities and challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly on the Chinese mainland and addresses such topical issues as global investment prospects, China opportunities and promising eco-friendly growth initiatives.

XXI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held on June 1-3, 2017 in Saint Petersburg. This year, the Forum will convene under the theme "Achieving a New Balance on the Global Stage".

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